Bring new UVC technologies to solve your disinfection problems

Retail, Transport, Hospitals. Uvivo operates in all sectors in need of UV light competence to disinfect and reduce spread of viruses and bacteria

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Applied UVC lightning to develop industrial products or UVC light devises to solve disinfection problems

We offer design and consultancy of UVC light solutions for industrial purposes and assist our clients with their development of products in sectors such as medicine, transport, and retail.

The working model is based upon helping solving complex problems for world-class companies aiming to help to incorporate innovative technology for safe UVC treatment.

Groundbreaking technology for disinfection and virucidal treatment

Worldwide viruses and bacteria are transmitted in stores, schools, hospitals, airports and other public spaces. Expose is at times deadly. In some cases, such as that one of hospitals, bacteria and viruses are known to significantly differ to those found elsewhere and can be resistant to treatments such as antibiotics. In stores and public spaces, the transmission rate of viruses and bacteria is significant. Cleaning is difficult and does not effectively remove pathogens. 

A series of major scientific breakthroughs for UVC light disinfection enable novel treatments of bacteria and viruses. The use of UVC technology is highly effective against pathogens compared to other techniques.

Light technology for a safe society

Imagine a life without a risk of being infected by bacteria or viruses when being in contact with objects in stores, public spaces, or hospitals. Uvivos leading technology platform consists of novel, safe and reliable solutions for everyday use. 

Our mission is to utilize and develop UVC technology for treatment of virus and bacteria through the use of preventive design features ensuring safe and reliable operation. At Uvivo we believe we have the competence and network to ensure our mission becomes a reality.

About us

Uvivo is a technology driven company that is based in Sweden with focus on solutions for UVC disinfection for clients active on the international market. The company has a preventive technology and holistic thinking in mind with the objective to develop technical solutions for limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Uvivo offers competence to create UVC-light technology solutions. Design and solution, CAD expertise, Light and technology simulation, Prototype tests, Validation and Certificates, Cost-efficient production.

Our Vision

Limit the spread of bacteria, fungus, and viruses to ensure human health and reduce risks of contagious pandemics.



Uvivo is developing UVC technology solutions for surface or air disinfection with a focus on user safety, functionality and enhanced reliability. Technology should be affordable for mass usage.

The technology solutions aim to address problems with pathogens at scale

Uvivo focus on UVC technology solutions to disinfect by using specific wavelengths for optimizing disinfection of different types of products and materials.

The technologies employed enables our partners to develop strategic solutions for large scale usage for disinfection. Trust and confidentiality is at the core and the work is done in close cooperation with selected partners that care and take responsibility of their customers and employees.

We create technology value across a variety of customer verticals


Significant costs are associated with viruses and bacteria. The World Health Organization reported numbers suggesting 3.4% of reported COVID-19 patients around the world have died and studies in China reported that 2.3% of 72000 patents have died. The Ebola virus has been reported with fatality rate between 50%-70%.

The problem with many viruses and bacteria are that many people do not experience symptoms and move in public spaces. In the COVID-19 example, this means that the contagious effects are problematic. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported about 25% of people infected with the virus may exhibit no symptoms at all. Combined with that many of the viruses and bacteria are highly contagious, humans take significant risks in their daily life, such as shopping and moving in public spaces.

Efforts to eradicate or remove contaminates such as virus and bacteria from products and materials have varied in applicability and success. Personal hygiene and washing hands with chlorhexidine gluconate and povidone-iodine solutions and distancing from contagious contact points have been advocated, but proven difficult and transmission still occurs. The use of antiseptics in terms of soap, alcohol based fluid, boric acid, and benzalkonium chloride and iodine are also evident. The problem is that many may be adding to the problem by inducing antibiotic resistance. Moreover, many products and surfaces such as keyboard, touchscreens, or handles are very difficult and almost impossible to disinfect by liquid disinfectants without a negative influence on the electronics that the product is based upon.

Artificial UVC produced by electric lamps has previously been used for sterilization and disinfection. There have been applications of high frequency wave light UVC for decontaminate water, and there has been UVC applications for air sanitation. There have been UVC bulb sanitation solutions for materials and disinfection spaces such as operation rooms. These, however, have not been used for large-scale commercial purposes and fast frequent and optimized cleaning of materials and surfaces in seconds.

New technology solutions in the LED field makes it possible to sanitize by using specific wave lengths in the UV spectrum for optimizing the effect of sterilization of different types of objects. This enables large scale usage of convenient UVC sterilizing solutions. The older technology with UVC bulbs could not effectively be applied due to size and not using optimized wavelengths for effective sterilization.

Uvivo helps its customers to use and develop tailormade UVC technology to disinfect surfaces such as a payment terminals and key pads in consumer products. It also helps patients in hospitals or in medicine area or those in related fields with similar problems, such in the transport industry.

The wide use of UVC LED is yet limited, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic and concerns for highly contagious viruses and bacteria supports a strong societal need for new devices that address problematic contagious transmission. This requires that the UVC radiation is reliable, e.g. that the result of radiation is accurate and that the UVC radiation procedure produces similar results of sterilization upon a UVC radiation procedure. Uvivo develops technology to use UVC LED for reliable and safe disinfection.

Cooperation with Uvivo introduces three key opportunities:


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